Getting a Single View of the Customer
Executive Perspectives on the Challenges and Strategies of Master Data Management

Executive Summary


Getting a single view of the customer is a goal for many organisations. Whether driven by the business need to improve customer service, grow the bottom line through cross-selling or meet regulatory compliance, the pursuit for a 360-degree view of the customer continues to challenge organisations.

Despite organisations’ multi-year efforts to get a single view of their customers—or perhaps because of these efforts—customer data is proliferating across sales, service, accounting and many other systems.

Companies strive to create complete pictures of customers, employees and even former employees. They want to give customers a complete view of their relationships and present a unified view of the company across multiple sales channels and business units.

Similarly, government agencies strive to better serve their constituents with a more accurate view of citizens.


Oracle and InformationWeek hosted a series of executive roundtable discussions over six months to understand the issues driving master data management and how innovative organizations were solving the challenges. The collaborative team criss-crossed the country to hold roundtables in New York, Atlanta, Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas and Philadelphia. More than 130 business andIT executives participated in these roundtables.


This whitepaper presents the key findings.


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