Enterprise Master Data Management:
Market Review & Forecast for 2008-12


An MDM Institute MarketPulseTM In-Depth Report


Aaron Zornes Chief Research Officer

The MDM Institute

Corporate master data is a critical asset that must be increasingly managed within and beyond the enterprise — primarily to solve business problems in compliance, customer service, sales, and marketing. Such master data may be indentified, harmonized and integrated at multiple levels of the software stack to materialize a “single customer view” (or supplier, product, view etc.).
Master data management (MDM) solutions will vary by industry in terms of tactical approaches taken – e.g., pharmaceutical/life sciences will adopt semi-batch, database-centric approaches for master physician data to be deployed to sales forces, while financial services providers and online retailers will require near real- time, business process-centric solutions to compete in the business-to-consumer online world.

During 2008-09, most large enterprises will focus on MDM by deploying 3rd generation packaged MDM solutions to deliver panoramic customer, product and supplier views across multiple channels, business lines, and heterogeneous IT environments. By 2010-11, 4th generation solutions will begin to predominate due to requirements for multiple master entities, unstructured data, etc. By 2012, more than 80% of the Global 5000 size enterprises will have committed to enterprise MDM as a core business strategy and have implemented at least one master entity – whether party (customer/supplier/citizen) or product.

The aggregate enterprise MDM market (customer and product hubs, plus systems implementation services) totaled US$730 million at YE2007 and will reach US$2 billion by the end of 2012. Software sales are but one portion as MDM systems integration services reached US$510 million alone during 2007 and are projected to exceed US$1.3 billion per year by 2012.


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