A Summary Practical Guide to Systems Integrators & Consultancies

An MDM Institute MarketPulseo In-Depth Report November 2009

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During 2009, Global 5000 (G5000) size enterprises will spend on average US$1M for master data management (MDM) software, with an additional US$3-4M for systems integration (SI) services; Global Service Providers will operate under this price floor by applying highly-customized, labor-intensive frameworks and related accelerators.

Throughout 2010, skill shortages will greatly inflame project costs as demand for data stewards, enterprise data architects, and individuals with Data Governance experience outstrip market supply; concurrently, SIs will fill this void via project management/implementation and staff augmentation.
By 2012, the market will stabilize as enterprises react by training and protecting their own MDM staff with specific product and project expertise; until then, enterprises will struggle with re-skilling the same resources multiple times as emerging/evolving data management technologies mature (e.g., Oracle Fusion, SAP NetWeaver, Ö).

Through 2009, most enterprises will struggle with cross-enterprise Data Governance (DG) scope as they initially focus on customer, vendor, or product; enterprise-level DG that includes the entire master data lifecycle will be mandated as a core phase 0/1 deliverable of large-scale MDM projects.
During 2010, major SIs & MDM boutique consultancies will focus on productizing DG frameworks while MDM software providers struggle to link governance processes with process hub technologies; concurrently, G5000 enterprises will struggle to evolve enterprise DG in cost-effective and practical ways from ìpassiveî to ìactiveî DG modes.

"The market for MDM & Data Governance services reached US$900 million during 2009 and will exceed US$1.3 billion by 2012. Systems integrators are essential to success of majority of MDM projects, yet previously incumbent SIs usually are no longer so. Data Governance assistance from SIs will remain especially critical to the success of MDM programs during 2009-10 as organizations deal with a shortage of tools, experience, and tool expertise. Given the substantial investment businesses undertake with SI partners, this area must be given scrutiny ñ not only to contain costs, but to insure success of this vital corporate initiative".

Aaron Zornes, Chief Research Officer, The MDM Institute

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